Ben Franklin’s Naughty Little Peep Show EBook


These are the prints that I could not show in a public forum.
Most of them are images that Franklin enjoyed at Sir Francis Dashwood’s famed library of pornography.

WARNING – These images are very sexual.
Not for minors/Quakers or ever liberal Presbyterians! You have been warned!

We start here with a few of the cave sex I talked about when I was discussing Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Caves.

And here are some illustrations from Fanny Hill, which Franklin owned and brought back to Philaelphia with him!

And some general ‘cave art’ from the Hellfire Club.

Many examples of  ‘priest porn’.


And several curious pieces.

… and finally I give you ‘impossible sex’!

Download 120 prints that Ben Franklin would have seen.




You will receive:

  • All the 18th century porn you could ever take (over 120 pages)
  • All the images were available to Franklin at the time, with many listed as being part of Sir Francis Dashwood’s famed pornographic library 
  • Also graphic images from the novel ‘Fanny Hill’ which Franklin owned and brought back with him to the US – reconned to be the first official mention of pornography in the new country.
  • Warning – these images are full on. They do not conform with modern sensibilities and some images show disturbing sadistic details.