Hogarth Patron


Hogarth spent his life trying to get a wide distribution of his works. Today’s audience is more likely to watch a short cartoon on the internet than read through the explanatory notes on an art gallery wall.

That is why I am going to make a video that will animate the characters so that they seem to come alive. Tom Rakewell, Moll Hackabout and the ill-fated Squanderfields will move around their respective scenes and explain their own life stories.

Here you see an example of the stills from the first scene in a Harlot’s Progress. We have highlighted the main characters in colour and filled in their original positions (with a horse tail)! The two women now seem to walk into the scene and interact with each other. It is quite magical when you see it in action, and you will if you sponsor this project. It may take some time, and many hours by some talented graphic artists.

You will immediately get a download of the first animated scene and then regular updates as we animate the rest.

Eventually, you will see your name on the credit roll!


You will receive a video clip as an example of project, and regular updates.